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How to join a FREE Webinar

Learn how to join a FREE Ace Academy Live Webinar by watching this video. You first need to select the course you want to join. Then enroll to it. Once you enroll, you need to go to it's relevant page and click on the 'Course Content' tab. The joining link will be a blue button called ZOOM.

How to Purchase PAID Course

Learn how to purchase a PAID Ace Academy course. First you will need to add the course to your cart. You can then checkout. In the checkout page, you will find Ace Academy's bank details. We currently support HNB and Commercial Bank. Once you transfer the amount mentioned in your cart, proceed with the checkout and upload your proof of payment. If you have a reciept it can be an image of it. If you paid online, it can be a screenshot of the confirmation email. After the purchase is finished your payment will be approved within 12h.

How To Navigate Course Lessons

Learn how to navigate a course on Ace Academy. You will find out how to join a ZOOM Meeting. View and download uploaded course Notes. And how to view course recordings.

How To Join ZOOM Meeting

To join a a ZOOM Meeting on Ace Academy, first visit the course page. Then go to the 'Course Content' tab. In it, you will see a blue button named ZOOM. If not, please wait a couple of minutes and refresh the page. You only need to click that blue button and you will be taken to the meeting.

How to upload assignments and view results

To upload an assignment first go to the relevant course page. Then click on the 'Assignment' tab. Then click on the 'Submit Assignment' button and fill it. Once an assignment is checked and marked by an instructor you will be notified by an email. You can check your marks or corrections by visiting the same 'Assignment' tab in the relevant course.

How to reset forgotten password

If you forgot your Ace Academy password. You easily change it. Simply click 'Forgot Password' in the login page. Once you enter your email, you will be sent an email with a link to reset the password.

Last update: 2021-12-03